Our optometrist will recommend the contact lenses most comfortable contact lenses to suit your eyes and lifestyle needs.

Contact lenses come in numerous designs and wearing schedules, whether you’re short sighted, long sighted, astigmatic or wear multi-focal spectacles there will be a contact lens available in your prescription.

Contact lenses don't have to be simply for vision correction, coloured contact lenses means the colour of your eyes is up to YOU! 



Clearview Eyecare offers hard contact lenses designed to be worn overnight and correct your vision while you sleep. When you take them off in the morning your vision is clear for the rest of the day.

All contact lens trials are free; however, consultation fees may apply. Should you already have a contact lens prescription, we can place orders which require just a day to arrive.
Clearview Eyecare will be more than happy to accept your contact lens orders at a competitive price. Come in or order over the phone!